Formica Infiniti Laminate Worktops

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Formica Infiniti® Worktops


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Formica Infiniti® Worktops are a luxurious matte surface solution, packed full of properties specifically designed for the kitchen environment. 

Matte,              No Matter What

Either coping with little sticky fingers or creating a refined and elegant look that will impress any dinner guest, Formica Infiniti has the perfect combination of features that will make your kitchen surfaces look good, feel good and stay good.

Looks Good

Our specially developed technology diffuses light as it hits the surface, creating a contemporary matte appearance, which is both effortlessly stylish and adds warmth to any kitchen. We call it absolute matte.

Order a Sample
Formica Infiniti Worktops are available in two edge formats; 
Formica Infiniti Contour - has been formed around the angular edge to provide a seamless finish.  
Formica Infiniti Edge - is a square edge using matching edging, to create clean, sharp lines.

Feels Good

Formica Infiniti Worktops are not only visually striking but have a soft touch feel that works together with the absolute matte look to radiate sumptuous quality. The surface has been developed to have a moleskin-like texture that is smooth, warm and silky to the touch, but has all the durability of a solid surface.

Stays Good

Kitchen worktops are exposed to everything from mess created by little fingers to water marks created from leaving a glass in the morning rush. So, even with regular wear and cleaning, our worktops keep their looks for longer and remain safeguarded throughout the day.

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